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Are you a Vape Vendor or Manufacturer? Would you like to Sponsor a Giveaway on The Vape Trader UK to promote your Brand, Social Media pages, Website, and/or other calls to action?

If so, please complete this application below to get started! We think you will be extremely happy with the results! Take a look at our current Giveaway/s to get an idea how it works.

Our Giveaway sponsorship rules are simple. Before applying please make sure you agree to these Terms:
1. All Sponsored Giveaway applicants must complete the form below (per contest) and the contest must be approved by a site administrator.
2. Minimum of 1 prize (winner) per contest and a maximum of 5 prizes (winners) per contest.
3. Each contest prize must have a minimum retail value of $50.00.
4. eJuice Giveaways must total a minimum of 120ml of eJuice and ONLY qualify for week long contest duration.
5. All contest prizes must be shipped to the The Vape Trader prior to contest start date/activation. The Vape Trader will be be responsible for shipping prizes to the contest winners.
6. Only authentic Vape item/s may be used for Giveaway contests on The Vape Trader. We do not permit running Giveaways for cloned items.
7. Vendors are limited to 1 contest ‘Sponsorship’ per month on The Vape Trader.